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Tapping arms

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Tapping arms

Powertools’ tapping arm concept is unique and the tool has enjoyed global success for 25 years.

The concept is based on a combination of a parallel arm, an air motor and a tapping chuck. The tapping arm absorbs the weight of the tool, making it feather-light. It also absorbs torque from the tool and therefore eliminates the risk of work injuries. The tapping chuck is a specially designed tap holder with built-in overload coupling. It cuts out in the event of excessive torque and the tap is in a secure holder which will not snap. Our tapping arms are superb for tapping a blind hole or when a tap needs to be cleaned following surface coating application.
If a tap misses the exact centre of a hole the handle will bend to compensate for this and will eventually break under the strain. This is never a problem with Powertools’ tapping arms because they line up perfectly with the hole and are never locked in one position.
The operator avoids shoulder and arm pain and taps last up to ten times longer when attached to a Powertools’ tapping arm compared to tapping with a manual or vertical drilling machine.

Powertools’ tapping arms – the original our competitors try to emulate.