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Avoid heavy lifting and improve safety.

Avoid heavy industrial tasks and protect your employees.
Powertools’ range of hydraulics products gives you new superpowers at work.
Whether you are compressing, lifting, separating, cutting or tightening, hydraulics can get the job done.

Don’t expose yourself to risky solutions and tasks you think you can handle. Use Powertools’ hydraulics solutions instead. They make life easier for everyone working in industry or construction, enabling them to avoid unnecessarily difficult tasks.

Hydraulics are an excellent solution for turning low pumping action – by hand or motor-driven – into a task carried out efficiently by a tool. Hydraulics can, for example, augment the lifting force of a cylinder or the cutting force of scissors. Hydraulic tools should be small and lightweight to achieve the best results.

Below you will find two links to our standard range catalogues. For customised tools, contact us!