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Air tools

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Air tools

Grinders, screwdrivers or drilling systems: these are the air tools that companies want.

We also offer maintenance and service for your air tools and pneumatic motors. Here at Powertools we can meet all of your company’s needs. Our Fuji brand grinders are best sellers. It is important to set high standards for health & safety at work. The cutting and grinding processes can be complex. Powertools offers high-class grinders and angle grinders that are used frequently in the shipbuilding industry and at steelworks, recycling facilities and mechanical workshops.

Powertools also has screwdrivers to meet every need. Assembly using our screwdrivers is easy and reliable. Our tools make the assembly process faster and more efficient. High-quality assembly is guaranteed.

Many people are familiar with magnetic drilling machines. They have worked well for many years, but sometimes they can be too heavy and unwieldy. Powertools offers the perfect solution in the form of our BS 23 drilling system. This unique drilling system has numerous application areas including for lorry chassis, truss structures and non-corrosive structures.

Powertools’ standard range of air tools and pneumatic motors are high-quality tools for excellent industrial production, and service and maintenance is included. Every Powertools product has optimal properties in terms of ergonomics, durability and power. In addition to the air tool and pneumatic products we manufacture ourselves, we are also agents for Fuji and Fiam. For information on each of our products, click on the links to the left.